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I'm Alex Ates, a programmer and a game developer. I'm currently working using Unreal Engine 4 and VR technology. I consider myself an open minded, determined and conscientious person. Communication is one of the top priorities for me.

I took my first steps of programming at the age of 15. Fascinated with fantasy and virtual world I decided to put myself into it. After all those years I created many projects in Visual Studio and some of them I consider big ones.

My motto is: If you want something, go get it. Period.

My Skills

advanced (SDL2, SDML, WinApi)
Unreal Engine 4 BP
Unreal Engine 4 C++
Level Design




Year Comersial Experience






Individual Project
A Level Design project. A sandbox map based on the Dying Light game engine. Desert style environment with small town where almost every building is open. The map also has a few secrets and twists the main quest to the very end.



Individual Project
A 2D Game created mainly for learning purposes. A simple Arcade-Adventure platform game, created from blank in C++ with SDL2, without any game engine.


Immersive Map Creator

Individual Project
Windows application supporting Polish SUD game Otchlań written using WinAp Lib. Helps user quickly create a game map in real time. It's very popular in the Otchlań community (about 55 000+ views).


2018 - Present

VR Programmer

Company: VRTierOne(Stolgraf).
Working on the VR therapy game project that helps people who have suffered a stroke.

  • Designing and developing new gameplay mechanics.
  • Designing and developing user interface.
  • Developing tools for the team.
  • Level design consultations.
  • Portfolio

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    • Coding
    • Level Design

    Trimwind Game

    • Realese Date : Dec 26, 2017
    • Skills : C++, SDL2, SFML

    The prototype of a simple 2D Arcade-Adventure platform game, where the player is Wergran who reaches the Glimmers territory. Everything is about running from the main enemy (glimmer), and collecting flames to reach new levels. The player can use environment (bushes) to hide from their enemy. The game was written from blank without any game engines. Audio Manager, Collision, Sprite Animation etc, were written entirely by me. I also created an Editor in SFML for this game, where I could add collisions, objects, or spawns. The project was mainly my programming training. This project took me about a year to develop.

    Features I'm most proud of:

  • Glimmer, the main enemy in the game, uses A* Search to locate the player. Patrols via waypoints defined in the Game Editor. AI behaviors, guarding place which the player wants to reach or check the last places where the glimmer saw the player. Detecting system based on movement of the player (the longer player stays in one place, the better glimmer knows the player position). Skeletal movement (bones), every flame is a separated bone; works like snake tail.

  • Audio Menager (Direct audio, dynamic music for the glimmer, channels queue and two ambient soundtrack channels inside/outside)

  • Dedicated Game Editor (SFML) This tool allows adding collisions, objects, custom areas, spaws and waypoints. The waypoints can be connected between each other to create patrol path for the Glimmer. It is also possible to add animated platforms/obstacles, setting the height of their movement.

  • User Interface (Main and InGame) Simple and very intuitive, dynamically changing language, sound settings, resolution settings, UI animated objects (buttons, windows, background).
  • Visit website Visit GitHub


    • Realese Date : Nov 20, 2018
    • Skills : Level Design, Scripts

    FuelOut is a sandbox desert style map where the player is looking for one of the last safe zones in region. The lore is simple with a small twist. "Support team" that communicates with the player via messages, leads the player through the story. The player can go wherever they want, but must complete the mission before the night falls. For me, this map was an experimental place, where I could test my ideas without making the whole game.

    Main Features:

  • Open environment, the player has an open desert area to explore an abandoned town, a gas station, tunnels, and underground sewers. Almost every building is open.

  • Gamification. Exploring the town, the player needs to find the key to open the medic store, where the medkits are. In the sewers the player has to solve small puzzle to kill a monster with UV light and get new items. Loss aversion, where in the main quest the player needs to prepare to fight the mutant, gathering items and weapons from the area around.

  • Interactions with the world. I added small "immersions", like lighting fire in the barrel with wood or turning the lights on/off. Everywhere the player can finds something to use against the enemies. Branch stuck into the sand, or a piece of reinforcing rod found in the rubble. The player can also find items to craft or upgrade the weapons. These items are placed with logic explanation (e.g. cables in the electrical box, alcohol in the stores, etc.).
  • Visit Workshop Download Manualy (MEGA)

    Immersive Map Creator

    • Realese Date : July 28, 2015
    • Skills : C++, WinApi

    I consider this project to be my first big project. First version took me about 2 months to develop, but because of the updates the time quickly extended to a few more months. Dedicated SUD games This program helps the players with in-game orientation making n map while they play. Users also can make maps on their own. Adding new rooms, levels, icons or descriptions into the map.

    Main Features:

  • Communicating with the game. IMC loads the process of the game, getting all the information regarding the player's current position in the game. When the player moves, the program will show it on the map.

  • Levels system, allows creating new space when the user decides to go up or down in the game.

  • Map link, with that tool the user is able to link two or more map files. So the user can separate some areas of the game into a few map files in an easy way (e.g. a town can be one map, linked to another map of a forest).

  • Binary search, an algorithm has great impact in optimization. It increases the speed of the map file loading by about 40%, level loading by 94%, and camera moving by 64%.

  • Customization, the user can set the name of the level/map, add a few types of icons, descriptions, or name to any room. Name of a single room will show up when the user moves the cursor over the named room.

  • Camera. The user can move the camera in every direction, finding themselves on the map or track their movement.
  • Visit GitHub Download (Polish)

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